Remanufactured Control Instruments and Valves

All remanufactured products meet or exceed OEM required test and calibration specifications. Valves are tested to ASME 16.34 shell requirements and ANSI/FCI 70-2 seat leakage. As a standard, all nuts, bolts, soft goods and diaphragm will be replaced. Trim will be machine polished and hand lapped prior to testing. All instrumentation will be four point calibrated using certified test equipment. All gauges, supply regulators and softgood are replaced.

Remanufacture - A Five Step Process (Valves)

  1. Pre-test and Disassembly - the valve is put through a pre-function test, complete disassembly, cleaning and visual inspection.
  2. Sandblasting - all corrosion is removed from the valve
  3. Machine Shop Work - major components or trim are repaired and/or replaced as needed. Strict adherence to Management of Change (MOC) and ISO procedures are followed.
  4. Assembly and Test - Components are assembled to O.E.M. specifications, procedures, and/or customer requirements. All major work is tested utilizing our state-of-the-art computerized data acquisition system.
  5. Documentation - verification and documentation processes compliant with ISO standards.

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